I’ve chunked these face exercises into pairs to remember them easier. They’re shown on the video in the same order


  • forehead lift – pressing down onto eyebrows while lifting with face muscles

  • eyebrow knit – pressing into face to create resistance to moving fingers closer to each other using face muscles


  • eyelid open & close with resistance

  • crows feet: hold eye sides & wink


  • nasolabial folds: scrunch nose like bunny

  • cheeks1: smile with resistance


  • lip pucker into hand

  • cheeks2: push air from cheek to cheek


  • chin-lift

  • kegals


A couple more that I don’t do can be found on youtube by Analise Hagan, author of Yoga Face, hosted by Jennifer Morris with howdini.com. She says do 20 reps in a row 2X per week minimum and moisturize first. I don’t moisturize because I can hold on better without it, and I don’t push in a way that stretches the skin. Mine are intended to work the same muscles more intensely.


I looked around for the price of a mid-face lift. That is a procedure only to lessen the creases of the naso-labial folds (sagging at the laugh lines), which in me are getting more pronounced. It’s an average of $10K but can go much higher. My question is, what if we could get the same kind of effect from face exercise? I've been doing these for 4 years but only sporadically, a few times a month. I’m committed to find out if I can make a noticeable improvement with a more concerted effort.


Plan: I’m going to use my phone alarm to remind me to do 100 hours of face exercise for 100 days with before and after pictures. If others do it too, and we can show good results, that would be huge news! Want to join in? You don’t need to show your pictures, just give them an honest look yourself and report whether you think there was a noticeable difference or not. I will show you before and after photos at the end if you’re interested. This morning I listened to a podcast while doing a half hour, and I plan to do another half hour before bed for my no-screen wind-down. If you want recommendations for podcasts, I have some here.