I’ve chunked these face exercises into pairs to remember them easier. They’re shown on the video in the same order


  • forehead lift – pressing down onto eyebrows while lifting with face muscles

  • eyebrow knit – pressing into face to create resistance to moving fingers closer to each other using face muscles


  • eyelid open & close with resistance

  • crows feet: hold eye sides & wink


  • nasolabial folds: scrunch nose like bunny

  • cheeks1: smile with resistance


  • lip pucker into hand

  • cheeks2: push air from cheek to cheek


  • chin-lift

  • kegals


A couple more that I don’t do can be found on youtube by Analise Hagan, author of Yoga Face, hosted by Jennifer Morris with howdini.com. She says do 20 reps in a row 2X per week. Using the principle of resistance, I push against the movement of the muscle, without stretching the skin.